Timber Sales / Thinning

Selling timber, for many landowners, is an infrequent occurrence. Expertise in selling timber is essential in maximizing profit, insuring quality performance, and maintaining security during the operation. Our clients achieve superior prices for their timber as well as the peace of mind that the operation will be professionally managed and that advanced woodland security measures are available.  Remember... a "Timber Buyer" will try to buy your trees for the least possible, our goal is not only to sell them for the most possible, but to minimize your costs going forward.

A thinning operation can often be one of the most valuable forest management practices to consider as a private landowner. A properly conducted thinning operation optimizes the quality and quantity of trees in the woods, which results in reduced fuel levels, increased resistance to long-term insects and disease problems, and a good source of income

Real Estate Services

Our Realtors® are also Certified Foresters®, so whether buying or selling, you can count on knowledgeable and professional assistance.  Real Estate services provided through Smith & Associates United Country Real Estate (352) 494-0725.

S e r v i c e s

Ag Tax Classification Assistance

We have considerable experience in assisting private forest landowners in obtaining and maintaining greenbelt or agricultural classification on their properties.

For property to qualify for agricultural classification Florida law requires that the operation be a good faith commercial agricultural operation that produces marketable forest products.  A well constructed forest management plan is an essential part of the application process and the ability to maintain Agricultural tax classification. 


Forest Management Plans and Management Assistance

​A forest management plan is important because it helps you identify the resources on your property and recognize the opportunities available. These often include commercial timber production, property appreciation, recreation, wildlife habitat, livestock, and aesthetics.

What do you want from your forest land? What do you want your forest to look like in the future? What is the most profitable way to achieve these goals? A quality forest management plan will help identify what can be done to enhance and protect the values and aspects of your property that are most important to you.

Forest  Conservation Planning Services, LLC